The New Athene Cult Gaming House

Athene – better known as Athenewins has been running a cult since early 2016. This cult involves members signing up to join his house, in which they are then sentenced to a life long commitment to work for him. If you do not work to his satisfaction then he will try and emotionally manipulate you and then proceed to kick you out the house if you don’t fall for his emotional manipulation.

The almighty god Athene claims to be a logical creature that has his core value based around logic. Whilst viewing him playing World of Warcraft a video game on the 3rd of May 2017, we noticed that the creature is not so logical. Not only can he not see his own flaws and issues, he fails to understand that the two players sitting next to him are rank one WoW pros, who are trying to advise him but he takes none of it. When spectating the stream I noticed how Athene’s positioning was extremely poor, and the two emotionally manipulated people sitting next to him were not interested in telling him that due to his lack of positioning he was eating a ton of crowd control and therefore loosing games as he had so much downtime healing. Throughout games he was seen to be AFK for over 50% where has was not pressing any global cool-down but instead running around like a headless chicken. After the game he claimed to the other two teammates that he “healed really good”, the other two looked at each other and laughed, but Athene did not notice.

The only good thing about Athene is his use of computer mechanics. He has an excellent gaming rig compromised of some very promising components and build. This could be due to Reese015 who built his machine and created this computer. All the gaming computers at Athenes house have very good specifications and are made for video streaming to the world. They also utilise gaming keyboards, gaming mice and gaming headsets which are all provided by their loyal sponsor Razer.

When asking the camera operator and video editor of the Athenewins channel how he sourced all of his gaming equipment, he listed the site as his only source for providing the most up to date and exclusive gaming equipment to give them the biggest edge in video games.

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