My Experience With PressureCookerReviewsPro

Recently I have been searching around on the internet to find a pressure cooker. I stumbled across the site PressureCookerReviewsPro. Whilst the site at first had a lot of information on it, upon reading about all the different kind of pressure cookers I could get for my kitchen, I realised the site was quite amazing and it provided me with useful information.

It has a table set out to deliver you the pros and cons of each pressure cooker quick and effectively – this will save you a ton of time.

Now onto which pressure cooker I picked. I went with the Instant Pot IP-DUO60. The reason I went with this specific pressure cooker was first of all it was a best seller on Amazon, second of all it provides a great all around balanced cook to any food I place inside the appliance. The brand is well known since I have some other products which are also made by Instant Pot and I must say that the build quality is superb. The cooker has a nice sleek silver finish and has a strong robust build inside. The cooking mechanism is fantastic and can be configured to whichever food you are placing inside. Often times I like to use the cooker as a rice cooker to, so it really saves me money instead of having to invest into another kitchen appliance.

I was struggling when deciding which cooker to choose though as I was conflicted with the IP-Lux60. Supposedly the LUX is a better version of the DUO but I didn’t have that much disposable income to be spending it all on a pressure cooker. The LUX provides a quicker cook and is also able to cook larger quantities of food. Alongside the larger quantities and faster cooking speed, it also is made with newer cooking mechanisms and can cook a larger variety of food, due to the increase in cooking settings.

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